Video – see what’s inside the phone iPhone XS !

Launched the Apple phones new iPhone XS and XS Max a few days ago, and already we know all about the specifications and prices of both phones, but the site fixjeiphone was not the race open phone Evo XS new take us on a trip inside components of the phone and physical internal.

The beginning of open the phone, the site says to unscrew the phone screen Evo XS this year is much harder on the decoding screen of the Evo X for the last year because of the seals the additional water, with the seals of the new possibility of immersion of the device in two metres of fresh water for 30 minutes without any problems – that’s what gives him the certificate, IP68, compared to only one meter for 30 minutes for phones that carry the IP67 rating, like the previous generation of iPhones .

Second discovery is interesting in phones this year is the card L-shaped as one piece.

In the past year, the iPhone X have the same battery design, but was divided into two parts, while I went to Apple at this time of the entire piece.

Unfortunately, this caused a modification in a slight decrease in the battery capacity where the iPhone XS on the battery capacity 2658 Milli-amp, compared to a battery 2716 Milli amp in the iPhone X last year.

However, the Apple is battery life better than last year, probably because of the increased efficiency of the chip 7nm A12 Bionic.

Watch the video of the disassembly of the whole at the bottom, and they share your opinion in the comments:

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