Video: Samsung vary the stiffness of the Galaxy Note 8

Samsung published a video on YouTube shows the Galaxy Note 8 and it falls several times, hanging it tests the fall of comprehensive on its phones. Maybe come phones Note 8 and Galaxy S8 and S8 plus the strongest bottle of Gorilla Glass in the market, however they remain in the structure of glass and breakable, and video Samsung we have is not a guarantee against breakage and encourages a dozen videos on YouTube; where she appeared in scenarios much related to the community are achieved when its fall from the level of the shoulder or the waist, as well as the iPhone 2017 manufacturer of the same type of glass by the way. While the fragile part of the cycle of every phone glass almost, the cost of repairing the OLED screens phones galaxy and iPhone X is very expensive, so prevention is better than cure and the best take caution in protecting her.

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