Video: Samsung reveals how it tested the Galaxy Fuld

Represents the Galaxy Fuld removable flexing big leap in smart phones, but the phone screen has raised many questions concerning the surface area, however, Samsung intends that there won’t be any long-term problems, where she said that it can lasts for 5 years of use.

To confirm that subjected the Samsung device for several comprehensive tests, one was a pick-up for seven days, was designed to test the quality of the design of the joints of the device and its new, and it is called the “Test fold” for obvious reasons, where the machinery to bend the phone and open it again repeatedly without a stop at any time, and through that, Samsung has managed to ensure a minimum of 200,000-fold and a period without the emergence of any problems, this is equivalent to five years of use the average number of 100-fold per day.

And certainly not published the Samsung test fully due to the length of it, but she posted a short clip period of 34 seconds, as shown in the video, there are no signs for the screen or the appearance of damage therein, but, despite the assurances of Samsung, however the video clip which has been leaked recently depicted Galaxy Fuld need Bad, where it seems that the phone that was photographed is the unit of pre-production used for testing in Vietnam, so most likely has been subjected to several months of rigorous tests, which confirms that there is no escaping from the crease of the screen after a period of use.

Despite the possibility of the development of crimp of the screen over time, but it might not affect the daily use, because the trade exists to the inside not only the outside, which will be a curved edge but in the middle, which indicates that the wrinkle screen Galaxy Fuld will be less influential than the crimp phone screen Huawei midwife to bending.

In conclusion, will the Samsung Galaxy Fuld to consumers on 26 April, where it will be 1,980$, the price has not been announced yet, will be available in four colors namely silver, black, green, and blue, and is expected to manufacture 100,000 units per month up to a maximum.

Source: samsung

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