Video: Samsung mocks iPhone X during the launch of the Galaxy S9

During the detection of Galaxy S9 وS9 plus did not prevent D. J. Cohen, President of Samsung phones Executive the same of evolution to the iPhone X and on the excess piece of the controversial top of the screen, as well as to hint that the Samsung other than the mission based on customer requirements. While talking about the screen’s infinite enjoyed by models of Galaxy S9, taunt Cohen on interface design for iPhone X:

When we launched the screen is infinite, wasn’t familiar to most people, its design has enabled a large screen in a small space, and became quickly a new standard in the industry. Mess S9, we continued on the same pattern, with a screen covering the facade, we developed more, we have created the design of a seamless and uniform, and as usual, as you know, there is no cut hair.

And when you talk about the reader insight and repositioning his new to become in a vertical position with the camera, the speaker mentioned that Samsung responds to the demands of the audience said:

Let’s take the reader insight as an example, which we all know as one of the most common ways to unlock the phone, and that’s why we don’t get rid of them, but we listen to your requirements and theme to become directly down the camera

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