#Video: Samsung decided to compare the Galaxy S9 with the iPhone 6

Samsung recently released a new promotional video, in which she clearly showed how the current flagship of the company Galaxy S9 faster… than the iPhone 6. At this time, the marketers made a big emphasis on the drop in performance due to the worn out battery in the old iPhone models.

In the video entitled “Moving On” tells the story of a girl who late for the plane. At a crucial moment in the course of registration, its iPhone starts the application needed a very long time, while the Galaxy S9 another passenger working almost instantly.
In the future, the same difficulties arise when you call a taxi. Then she decides to go to the Apple Store, where she offered to turn off the control performance or purchase a new smartphone. Eventually purchased a new Galaxy S9, in which, according to Samsung, and close no such problems.

It is unclear, then tried to get the South Korean giant such a roller. It is quite obvious that the smartphone of 2014 will not be able to compete with Samsung Galaxy S9 or any other flagship this year. It would be logical to compare their smartphone with direct competitors, that is, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X.

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