#video | Robot teamwork, by reading human muscle activity

Industrial robots are very good with their tasks if they are given specific instructions. However, according to researchers from Massachusetts Institute of technology, they could become even better and become a full part of the team, if he could recognize the movements of people. To check whether or not they have developed a special robotic arm that does the work, guided by the movements of their human counterparts. Well, that’s really something!

The system is called RoboRaise they were integrated into the existing robot Baxter. For its full operation required sensors, which are attached to the arm of the human colleagues and reading electrical signals from muscles when the arm is raised up or lowered down. This data is sent to RoboRaise in the form of control commands, and the robot follows human motion with an accuracy of several centimeters.

The team checked the effectiveness of the system, allowing the robot to raise flexible items with your man. Thanks to the joint labor, they were able to collect several components of the aircraft — precision movements Baxter was about 70%.

According to study co-author Joseph Delprete, they strive to ensure that humans and robots were able to copy each other’s movements and to make useful adjustments to maximize the proper execution of the task. To give the robot the command to raise the object above or below, the person requires only a few cycles of tension and relaxation of muscles.

Developers, of course, do not want to stop there. In the future they intend to attach to a human hand more sensors, so they can read even the human fatigue and to give the robot a command to increase lifting force, to remove colleagues load.

Doubt that all the hard work in the future will be done by robots, there is less. One need only look at the robot Handle from the company Boston Dynamics — they are already doing a great job with dragging heavy boxes.

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