Video.. robot Japanese New wearing your house and tells you places of clothing lost

Developed a group of researchers in the company Preferred Networks Inc a new robot able to clean your room completely and get rid of the garbage and arrange the clothes, with the exception of Toyota other, enabling the Japanese company to provide a robot to clean the room and arrange them, as he can pick up pens and put it in its place, installation of the home and remove the clothes from the floor.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the same robot, which reports on behalf of robot and Human Service (HSR), he was able also to respond to voice commands that guide to put the towel in the trash instead of the laundry.

With compact cameras in the upper part of his body, the HSR while walking in the house, and be able to move from room to room, collects image elements of the region and locations specifically to be able to re-stuff her office Natural.


According to the Preferred, users will be able to access this list on their own, using it as a search engine for items lost in their homes.

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