Video review will feature the conquest by the face in the phone the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is under work

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Scheduled to be a formal unveiling of the Xiaomi phone Mi Mix 3 in the next week, but we have already seen this phone many times. The following is another look, complete with new tricks.

The second generation of Xiaomi phone Mi Mix will retain the design of the screen that stretches from edge to edge, and will continue to avoid the blocks in the screen by moving the front camera to the mechanism of the retractable exists behind the screen, a camera that will feature to unlock the phone by face as shown in the video below note that this property is very fast.

If you are interested in learning how to unlock the phone to the laptop, let’s throw it in due to the advantage of the Dynamic Lock in Windows 10. This feature is doing is associating the phone with the laptop wirelessly via Bluetooth and the laptop automatically shut down itself during the communication blackout. He can then open the laptop again by opening the phone via the face or the sensor fingerprint, or a reader of the iris of the eye, or anything else offered by the phone.

Anyway, will Phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 among the first smartphones which will support 5G with the knowledge that he was also sure that this phone will have 10GB of RAM.

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