Video review phone design Sharp folding

In the past month, appeared patent reveals foldable phone from company Sharp, has the company recently revealed a video showing this phone for the first time, apparently the phone looks interesting.

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As mentioned, the phone will come with a screen type AMOLED size of 6.18 inches and a resolution of 1440 × 3040 pixels with a protrusion from the top of the screen, can be folded this screen internally until the middle vertically. The company claims that the phone will be able to afford a 300000 cycle of folding, as is the company official that there will be a rise in demand for such a device because it will be the rights in the category of phones collapsible.

It is worth mentioning that Motorola is also working on a retractable design similar to the phone Sharp with the phone RAZR 2019 alleged, which is expected to come sometime this year as an exclusive for Verizon and is priced at $ 1500.


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