Video review Design and features the Samsung folding Galaxy Fold

Published the latest videos that reveal the design of the phone Korean giant’s Galaxy Fold, where the phone appears active already, it also highlights more clearly the features of the phone design folding.

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Before the launch of the Samsung folding Galaxy Fold to the markets of the United States during the coming period, the phone has appeared in a new video clip on the internet, reveals the performance and features of the phone that already works in the video clip.

As revealing the video clip that lasts even two minutes, for a mechanism to open and close the phone, it also sheds light on the design of the product phone when you fold the screen possible size of 7.3 inches, and it also underscores the video clip on the design of the phone where the can folds the phone with one hand.

The phone comes running Android 9.0 Pie with the interface of One of the UI code in the released 1.2, as the phone has definitely better specs from the chip Snapdragon 855, and the random 12 GB RAM, also applies at a price of 1950 USD to the market, a lower price of phone Mate X which comes at the price of 2600 dollars.


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