#video | Project of a flying motorcycle Lazareth real — he raised up on metre height

The French company Lazareth is known for its fancy motorcycles, which with its stylish, bold and even aggressive appearance demonstrate proper enormous power. At the end of 2018, she presented a flying motorcycle Moto Volante, at the time seemed futuristic exhibit, which is not intended for use in the real world. A new video shows that he still will be available for purchase and worthy of attention — it is easily raised up on metre height and gently fell back.

Летающий мотоцикл Lazareth

The new product represents an evolution of the impressive with their appearance and capacity of the motorcycle Lazareth LM-847 with four combined in pairs of wheels, the Maserati engine at 470 horsepower. The main innovation in Moto Volante is a jet turbine JetCat with 96 000 rpm in the middle of each wheel. Hydraulic actuators convert the wheels from vertical position to horizontal, so they can lift the design up. For a greater thrust in the middle of the chassis, there are two extra nozzles.

Летающий мотоцикл Lazareth

According to the company, the owners of the first Moto Volante will be able to drive on normal roads, and then drove on level ground, will have the opportunity to soar up. The transition from driving mode to airplane mode takes about 60 seconds — so much time needed to prepare for takeoff. Design weighs 140 pounds, so the engine needs to produce about 240 pounds of thrust.

Motorcycle Lazareth Moto Volante is once again demonstrated in October 2019, at Gitex in Dubai. There will be open to accept pre-orders — the cost will be quite high and amount to about 560 000 USD.

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