Video professional impact of blur without the use of a DSLR camera

Sometimes watching a video and immediately know that this video was filmed with a camera a professional (DSLR), the reason that makes you know that immediately the effect is a haze which be in the video background and the focus is on being filmed so the video shows nicely, that the effect is the same you get in photo portraiture using iPhone X or newer, but the iPhone does not give you the option to shoot video in the style of the portraiture, and even if you have resorted to export the screen of the iPhone video will shows you the yellow square around your face.

To solve this problem we will use the normalization gives us the same effect and with more control in video effects. So show a video of your professionally like you use a DSLR camera.

Steps to filming video, the impact of the Porter

This method only works with phones iPhone X or newer, important that there be Camera support the development of portraiture in the phone.

Download the application FOCUS.




Xiaodong Wang

Size 82.9 MB
Version 2.0.8
متاح في متجر البرامج

Then open the app and it will be on the shooting mode, here’s the Export screen of the phone.

Don’t forget to open the microphone to record sound, and you’re recording video to the screen of your device full.

After completion, click on the registration mark on the clock to finish shopping, and now you have the video of the impact of portraiture in the image folder.

All you have to do now is use the tool the story under the brilliant video (Crop), which was added in iOS 13 after that were only available for health.

Now you have great video and professional

Watch this video…

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Note: you may notice posted in the audio from the video or that the sound not be identical to the freedom of speech, and here you must use application to convert video to match the audio with the pictures, I use the app VideoShop which is the application of the most gorgeous you can separate the audio from the video and then move it to coincide with the video properly.

If you like this method please watch the video and even benefit the other

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