#video of the day: Landing of the Chinese module on the back side of the moon

January 3 lunar Rover “WiTu-2” first appeared on the surface of the moon for this in December last year, China launched a camera Chang’e-4, which is to hold the first mission on the dark side of the moon. Today, the Chinese national space administration (CNSA) published the full video of the landing of Lunokhod — before the descent module and the Rover was “in hibernation” due to the high temperatures that can damage electronics.

“UTU-2 and Chang’e-4” not only photographed each other and gave a unique shots from the back side of the moon, but were able to send a video which you can watch the entire process of the descent of the lander on the lunar surface.

By the way, this video. Looks fascinating!

It’s amazing how cleverly acted automation module, which has scanned the surface of the satellite, to choose the optimum landing site and avoid dangerous areas of the soil. The descent module has completed the second part of the Chinese program sensing of the moon, “Chang’e”. Now the Rover has to explore geological samples, collect them and return to Earth.

Training for the space program of China began in may 2018, launching a unique communications satellite”, Zhuazao” (“the Magpie bridge”). He is able to maintain the connection between the unit “Chang’e-4”, the first mission on the dark side of the moon, and a flight control center in Beijing.

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