Video: New Nova from Huawei. Now almost as the flagship

This week in the General sale arrived in Russia smartphone Huawei Nova 3. With the success of the previous family it is of great interest. We were able to study it and make my opinion of him.

On you might have read about the second generation Nova and version 2i. It’s just a relatively inexpensive smartphone with decent features and quality performance. And Nova 3 did some step forward has got a top CPU, artificial intelligence and other functions of the flagships, but all in good time.


This time, the third family had a fashion now among Huawei color which started to be introduced after the emergence of Huawei P20 Pro. The color is really very beautiful, but many call it too pretentious. However, it attracts the eye and can be considered as the hallmark of the brand.

Of course, the covers conceal the entire appeal of this color, but there is a transparent original case. Although he doesn’t look. If you buy this color, the use of covers is not necessary.

Not to mention that the smartphone has become a little heavier than the previous generation, but it’s not heavy, but rather heavy. However, the difference is tangible.

The rest of the body is good. It’s really cool. The frame is very small even by modern standards, and at the bottom there are no buttons or logo of the brand. Many will appreciate it.

Due to the absence of superfluous elements, the case became even more frameless. Without the cut-out has not been, and so will have to endure, or to change the setting and enable the snag, which displays on top of the black strip, removing the visual “Bang”.


It is worth noting that the smartphone supports NFC, but the second SIM card as usual to the detriment of the memory card. But the internal memory of 128 GB. If this is still not enough, and the second SIM card is not in use, then memory card supported up to 256 GB.

The level of RAM is average by today’s standards, but sufficient — 4 GB. To wait performance problems should not wait, so how does the smartphone processor Kirin 970, which is placed in the top flagships of the brand. The OCTA core processor and frequency of the productive nuclei is 2.36 GHz. Powered smartphone running Android 8 with a proprietary shell EMUI 8.2, and probably soon will get Android Pie.

Facial recognition works really very quickly and efficiently. Even in complete darkness it’s no problem. Still, whatever you say, and the company could get to close you know to whom this question.


Artificial intelligence usually found broad use in the camera. Most surprising modes of this camera, namely, such of them as “Panda”, “Bicycle” and “ancient building.” To the rest of the questions is no, but such a precise division of the objects is a little surprising.

The camera shoots really well, although sometimes makes a mistake in white balance, but I haven’t seen cameras that are at least sometimes not be wrong. The main camera is a double-module and is made vertically, as is now accepted.

The resolution of the modules is 24 MP and 16 MP. Despite the fact, as in the case of Huawei, the first one monochrome and second colour. This separation enables images to be achieved very good detail. The time for it, and there are no issues. Of course, this applies to shooting in normal conditions.

In the dark the camera takes so that the claims against her, but praise her for that. The result is just average for its segment.

Frontalka Huawei Nova 3 is also a double-module, but the resolution is a little different. One module with 24 MP, and the second at 2 MP. This is enough to do a good selfie that was the emphasis in the models of the Nova series. The background is blurred OK, but ulusalcis work is softer than many other smartphones.


If we go back to talking about the screen, it is impossible again not to mention his narrow frame. This has allowed some to increase the diagonal of 6.3 inches, without changing the size of the case.

Screen resolution 2340 x 1080 pixels. Thus, despite the large diagonal, the pixel density amounted to 409 dpi. Not as much as some other screens, but not enough.

Type of matrix LTPS, and brightness approximately like the other models of Huawei. For use indoors more than enough, but outdoors in bright sun can sometimes want more.

The viewing angles of the display, no complaints there. Of course, now all learned how to make good screens, which do not distort color and lose brightness at an angle, but still sometimes skips bad examples. Nova 3 is not like that. Everything is as it should be.

What else?

All the standard relationships are supported. Is 4G up to 400 MB/s, 5 GHz Wi-Fi, GPS, GLONASS… Only Bluetooth only version 4.2, but on the other hand in many smartphones is now worth a fifth? Even in P20 Pro it is not that strange, given that it manufactures Huawei and for other criteria it’s really good.

Generally, Nova 3 Huawei gives the impression of a decent camera, which continues the tradition of the latest models of the company. No wonder buyers are very fond of this brand and brought it to a leading place on sales.

This is the case when you want to use the smartphone even in order to understand, you made a mistake with the first impression or not. The study continues and if something comes up, and I discover the catch, I will certainly know about it and will prepare the corresponding material.

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