Video| NASA monitor move a UFO on Mars

Raised images of a new technology by vehicle, Curiosity rover, Curiosity Rover, the Space Agency of America NASA NASA, the controversy about the existence of life on Mars, not to shown the body of the mysterious moving across the surface of the Red Planet.

And the researchers in their evaluation of the image captured of the surface of Mars, while he saw some evidence of an organism that moves on the surface of the planet, others said they are facing a dust storm tremendous know no Mars in the recent weeks.

It has also raised the sound of controversy among interested psychics and other civilizations and advocates of conspiracy theories, who believe that the files of the NASA Secret hiding a lot of information on life on other planets and aliens.

From his part, confirmed Jim watt, Director of the Mars exploration program, NASA, captured images are storm dirt on the red planet, and it is not healthy for any another perception, especially with so many historic spacecraft operating on Mars, and never capture evidence of the existence of living beings there.

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