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We learn that a lot of users of iPhone do not realize the importance of the property do not disturb, but sometimes we see some users put their phone on silent before bed and they are forced to hear the vibrator, which causes them inconvenience no doubt, but that the mission gets off the phone completely during meetings and understands that there is a very important call you can’t miss it, during the play disturbed by the Frequent notifications… and when you tell them to use a feature do not disturb tells you they don’t fit for one reason or another. No, my good brother that just need to know the mixing property do not disturb. That’s why he’s our friend Abdullah, but in his new channel on YouTube make videos explaining this and how benefit from feature do not disturb to suit your preferences.

Do not disturb : iPhone silent and ring for calls only

Do not disturb: iPhone sleep time

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Do you use a feature not bother? And do you think it’s useful or still think it’s not suitable for you?

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