# video | Man against the robot: the epic battle for the door

Not so long ago, we told you about a new trick, which the engineers of the company Boston Dynamics taught their mechanical pet SpotMini. The robot-dog got a hand-manipulator and now knows how to open the doors, preventing it from getting into the next room. But what happens if a person interferes with it? It was this experiment that the creators of the robot conducted, while recording the process on video. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with it.

The experiment consisted in the fact that one of the engineers actively repaired obstacles to the robot trying to open the door with a manipulator. In the course went hockey stick, which the employee Boston Dynamics prevented the manipulator from reaching for the handle of the door, and then the man and did at all piled on the door, not allowing to open it. To top it all off, the unfortunate robot was grabbed by a rope tied to it and began to pull back, which he resisted with all his might (a piece of plastic sheeting fell off of him).

Whatever it was, SpotMini stoically suffered all the mockeries of its creators, broke away from their hands, opened the ill-fated door and fled to the next room. In order not to upset or anger the viewers (as happened in 2016 with a video where the employee of the company pushed and in every possible way interfered with the work of the robot Atlas), the video is accompanied by a comment that the experiment SpotMini does not cause any harm. Surprisingly, the robot operates completely autonomously – they are not controlled from an external console and do not give him a sequence of actions. All that you see in the video is the solutions that SpotMini takes on its own.

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