#video | In the sky over the Netherlands formed a “train” of Internet satellites Starlink

Last week, the company SpaceX has successfully launched 60 Internet Starlink satellites into orbit, marking the beginning of an ambitious programme to create the world of the Internet. At first they were taken to a height of 440 kilometers, but now they revolve around the Earth and gradually reaches 550-km altitude with its engines. During the flight, they formed a beautiful “train”, which was filmed by a Dutch Amateur astronomer Marco Langbroek.

The astronomer knew in advance, at which time the spacecraft will fly over the necessary patch of sky — in this he was helped by open data on the trajectory of satellites and their current location. For shooting flying at an altitude of 440 kilometers of satellites Marco used a video camera Watec 902h should be and Canon lens FD 50mm F1.8.

According to him, the first he had seen only a few very faint flashing object, but after a few tens of seconds he saw a straight row of satellites. In the next night formed “the train” will make 2-3 flight, and soon the distance between them will increase and they will dissipate.

Company SpaceX intends to launch in the sky 12 000 of these satellites, so astronomers-fans will see this picture many more times. Following the chain of satellites Starlink may be formed very soon — within the next 12 months the company intends to launch a thousand vehicles, so that by 2020 they have been able to provide Internet planes and ships. That Internet Starlink earn in a year, he said Elon Musk.

Each time, the functionality of satellites will increase — about all of their possibilities can be found in our material. For example, few people know that they are already equipped with Startracker system that will allow SpaceX to know about the location of every machine and control it.

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