Video – Huawei is preparing to launch her phone folding screen of 8 inches!

I didn’t spend two weeks on the first appearance of mobile phone Samsung folding within the active operations of the conference Samsung for developers SDC 2018, which made the company to review the size and mechanism of action of the first foldable phone from the Korean company, so now came the quick reply from the Chinese company Huawei, which has been able to place well in the smartphone market.

Where will come the Huawei folding “Mate X” with design features for a phone Samsung folding screen larger 8-inch when you open the device, compared to a 7.3 inch, the size of 5 inches when you fold the phone, compared to 4.6-inch in the Samsung folding.

The final design for the Huawei folding:

The video demonstrates in the top of the final design which will have the Huawei folding, with the external screen measuring 5 inches and a bulge, the other an internal 8-inch folding flexibly and can be used as a full or as a laptop, a small half screen and half keyboard.

As was rumored before, the display panel folding itself will be manufactured by the company of the BOE, which is the same that made the curved OLED screen in Mate 20 Pro.

He said Huawei has already submitted the device to some telecommunications companies Korean, according to local media, commented one of the insiders that the device is not a prototype or telephone under construction.

Why Korea first?

Planning company Huawei to launch the first foldable phone as a device with connection to the fifth generation, it will make Korea only to run the 5G network wide in the first half of 2019, so it would make sense to test the phone with the network of the new contact at the earliest before the launch.

Finally, it is likely that the police know about the phone at the MWC show in March, then you pay in the period from April to June after conducting extensive testing on the 5G network.

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