#video | How will look the Ground when all the ice melts?

Satellite data have long proved that the melting of glaciers significantly increases the level of the world ocean. Recently it became known that from 1961 to 2016, the planet has lost 9 trillion tons of ice, and the water level in it every year, it raised one millimeter. If this trend continues, in the future, some inhabited island and even coastal cities with the million population can stay under water. Team Business Insider in 2015 has published a rather frightening video that shows how it will look like the continents after the melting of the entire ice.

Земля безо льда

The first thing, strangely enough, will disappear small Islands and built on them the cities, such as Venice. These changes on the map may not be noticed, but if you look at Asian countries, the picture becomes more alarming. So, the Indian city of Kolkata and China with a total population of 19 million people in the future can stay in the depths of the ocean. The United States also will be much less — at least, Florida can say goodbye to.

The worst — that this is not fiction. In 2013, researchers from National Geographic have reported that the melting of all ice on the planet will need at least 5,000 years. The average temperature of the planet is constantly increasing, therefore this period may eventually be reduced.

At the same time, increased risk of flooding may not be the only problem, waiting for humanity in the future. Increasing the temperature in itself a threat to people, animals and plants, so scientists it is important to find a way to avoid global warming. In March of 2019, was recorded the first extinction of a mammal due to global warming.

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