#video | How does the Tesla autopilot in snowy weather?

Tesla cars are to drive on the roads without driver intervention, but the function is still in test stage. The company encourages drivers to enable it only in clear weather on the big tracks, and always be ready to take over. Certainly, many people wonder how the autopilot system behaves during a heavy snowfall, when visibility is poor? One owner had a very, very dangerous experiment, and answered this question.

Автомобиль Tesla Model 3

Testing autopilot Tesla Model 3 in snow conditions was conducted on the roads of the canadian province of Quebec. The Blizzard was strong enough to obscure road markings and prevent the overview of the cameras on these two factors rests the system when building routes. The owner of the car dared to turn on the autopilot, but was ready to seize control — as it turned out, snowy conditions to do it often.

On some stretches of the way autopilot worked surprisingly well. However, sometimes the car does not see the lines either because of snow covered roads, or because of deterioration of vision anterior chamber. The video makes it clear that at the moment the system is not ready to work in such conditions. In fairness it should be emphasized that in a snowstorm to drive a car is difficult even for experienced drivers.

So the system began to work better, it is important to pay attention to some details. First, on the front of the car quickly formed the ice that blocks the radar sensor of the autopilot. To prevent the formation of ice, the company recommends the use of special sprays. Also, the Tesla Model 3 are often contaminated with some cameras, so engineers should review the design of the car.

In early January, the Internet was published not less interesting video. The owner of the Tesla Model 3 captured the moment, you almost had an accident due to heavy ice. Fortunately, the autopilot quickly returned it to the lane.

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