#Video | Fantastic maneuver, the SU-57

Истребитель Су-57

Experimental design Bureau of P. O. Sukhoi for many years developing the fifth generation fighter, the su-57. Flight of the first instance took place on 29 January 2010 and lasted 45 minutes. In November 2018, the Network appeared the video showing the current skills of the fighters. The entry into negotiations of pilots and, most importantly, performing aerobatics under the name “maple leaf”.

Video shot from the ramp of a military transport plane An-12. In the frame there are four fighters, flying one after the other at the maximum allowable distance equal to several meters. On the record also heard negotiations of pilots who were required to “huge professionalism and endurance”.

The most interesting moment in the video is the moment of maneuver “maple leaf”. For its effective implementation the pilot had to force the fighter to spin around its axis, while remaining in a horizontal position. Everything was perfect.

Most of the information about the structure of the su-57 is kept secret. It is known that in its development, use masking technologies to ensure stealth. To strike air, ground and sea objects, use the defense system. According to the head of the Corporation “Tactical missiles” Boris Obnosov, in the future, the su-57 can get even a hypersonic weapon.

Before the flight, fighter jets tested in Syria. According to test pilot Sergey Bogdan in front of them the task was to demonstrate new weapons and methods of their application. He confirmed that the fifth generation fighter is fully consistent with the stated specifications.

Su-57 would replace the heavy fighters su-27. Military space forces of Russia will receive a batch of new fighters in the amount of 12 pieces in 2019.

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