Video: employees in Tesla asleep while driving a car itself

S youtube user Mike Cagulada post a video of one of the workers at Tesla’s asleep, until the car driving through autopilot technology self-drive, near the Tesla factory in the city of Fairmont in the state of California, USA.

May appear to the employee in the video asleep already, except that there is no actual evidence to prove it, you may be suffering from a pathological condition, and since the video is short, it can discern the truth of what happened.

Said one of the representatives of Tesla’s later they care about safety standards a lot, and the survey in this case.

I got Tesla on many of the criticisms in the past months about the ease of planning preventive actions in autopilot, which is what led to the spread of video is widely a continuation of criticism fierce about security levels in the system.

Recall that the autopilot can keep the car on track and deal with traffic on the highway, but the system requires the driver’s full, because he is able to return control to the driver in a second, although that this technique is able to help make the roads safer, but it provided that they are used according to the instructions.

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