Video clip reviews the design layer of protection for all cell phone iPhone 11

Posted a new video via MobileFun confirms on design square shape in the camera rear for iPhone 11 through the accessory layer of protection cameras that come from Olixar.

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Trace all of Apple and Google this year’s design square shape in the camera back of the phone, but the phone Pixel 4 already with the distinctive design of the cable car, did not reveal shopping catalogs models first iPhone 11 about the perfect design for the rear.

I have stopped some possibility to change this design before the official announcement about the phone, but a new video from MobileFun confirmed on the box design for the rear of through the accessories dedicated to the camera.

Has revealed MobileFun in the video clip for a layer of protection for all car iPhone, 11, which are designed through the manufacturer accessories Olixar, where the revealing layer protect cable from three sensors for the iPhone 11 and also the iPhone 11 Max, while comes phone iPhone 11R two of the sensors in the camera background.

It is expected that the phone comes iPhone 11R sensor key 12 mega pixel camera with sensor secondary 12 mega pixel camera with Lens telephoto and zoom optical even twice.

Also to include my phone, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max sensor itself accurately 12 mega pixel camera, with a sensor of a third accurately 12 mega pixel camera with lens angles-wide viewing angles of 120 degrees, is expected to come feature optical stabilization for imaging in the sensor main sensor telephoto.

From another side comes the camera. front in the versions of this general sensor 12 mega pixel camera with improvements in the technology of facial recognition Face ID.

It is planned that the accessories are included a protection layer full car iPhone, 11 for pre-booking today from Olixar, starting with the $ 10.99 version is possible with two sensors in the camera background.


I know of

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