#video | Boston Dynamics showed a new version of the robot Handle with wheels and arm-sucker

At the beginning of 2017, Boston Dynamics introduced the first version of the robot Handle, which is very different from the other humanoids of the company. On the demo it was clear that in contrast to the models of Atlas and SpotMini, it is equipped with wheels and it’s like moving backwards, but is able to perform different tricks. For two years about this robot many have already forgotten, but the company recalled about him releasing a video with the newer version. Updated Handle is built differently and learned to perform useful work.

Робот Boston Dynamics Handle

New video showcases the work of two robots Handle. One of them picks up and moves the boxes from one pallet to another, carefully stacking them in rows of three. At the same time, the second robot takes the boxes from the other pallet and transfers them to the conveyor. Probably, the company wants to say that sometime in the future these robots will be able to work in warehouses, for example, to prepare products to ship to customers.

Boston Dynamics says that a new version of Handle capable of lifting loads weighing up to 13-14 pounds, but in fact the box in the video does not weigh more than 5 pounds. It is noteworthy that retention is not used grasping mechanism and the pump. Items can be stacked in piles of about a meter in height. Recognition of crates and stacking them right used a video surveillance system.

Looking at all of these skills, it seems that new robot Boston Dynamics is quite able to play giant jenga. In her way, already knows how to play the robot from mit, but it all happens in much smaller scale.

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