Video : arrest of WikiLeaks founder in London

فيديو : القبض على مؤسس ويكيلكس في لندنvideo : arrest of WikiLeaks founder in London

Video : arrest of WikiLeaks founder in London

Arrested by the Metropolitan Police in London to arrest Julian Assange the founder of the shopping site of the famous WikiLeaks after the government had withdrawn accord the right of political asylum.

According to a press release from London Police , has been arrested Assange inside the embassy of Ecuador in London, after I invited the ambassador of Ecuador to the United Kingdom, Carlos Abad Ortiz, called for the application of the law inside the embassy building.

And Julian Assange violating the terms of his release on bail, which happened when he fled to the embassy of Ecuador is small in the neighborhood of Knightsbridge rich.

Is the detention of Julian Assange is currently at a police station in central London, is expected to appear before Westminster Magistrates ‘ Court District at the earliest possible opportunity.

In 2006, he founded the Assange WikiLeaks, which alleged that it “aims to publish news and important information to the public through the publication of secret documents, especially about the American war in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Became the Encyclopedia, WikiLeaks founded by Assange, has become universally known in 2010 when he began publishing military documents and diplomatic for the United States with help from its partners in the media.

Show video footage following his the moment of the arrest of Assange from the embassy.

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