Video : a phone that can bend like paper in multiple directions

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بالفيديو هاتف يمكنه الانحناء كالورقة في اتجاهات متعددةVideo phone can bend like paper in multiple directions

After I’m back in the market already phone is available from Samsung and Huawei , began to makers of phones collapsible in raising the level of betting via a new Several they can bend in different directions multiple.

The device was introduced early this week in China, according to a technical source close to the company .

According to the source , the hinges, multiple telephone, which form The Shape Of A “Z”, stretch to screen size 10 inches at full opening, when open, folding the phone on the same to configure the device in the form of like a book with one offer slimmer, heading to the outside.

There is no information currently about the name or the price of the phone, but according to sources, the maker of its staff to build TVs cheap, are planning to make an incursion into the phones with a number of designs-degradable.

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