#Video: a Comparison of the iPhone 8. Original vs copy

Anyone who required a screen replacement, was wondering which is better, a copy for little money or expensive the original one. We compared two similar display and ready to show how they differ on the iPhone 8.

The experiment we conducted in conjunction with the service center ModMac, which experts and conducted an operation to installation of the smartphone consistently two different displays. The difference is obvious, but it is better to see with your own eyes.

Comparison you can look at the video posted in the beginning of the article, or find it on our YouTube channel.

Text description of the process is given below, but before that answer frequent questions that arise among users about devices that are not working as we would like.

Questions to experts ModMac

Reader question:
As usual, the specialists of service center ModMac comes a lot of questions that I would like to answer not only the author of the letter. Below are some of such issues.

Hello! I have a 2014 with the Apple Watch watch OS 4.3. If they are fully discharged, then after put on charging for a very long time included. How to fix it?

Meet the experts of the service center ModMac:
Hello! Here the problem is the weak processor on the Apple Watch the first series. Unfortunately, no service center will not be able to help you. The only thing you can try is to reset the watch to factory settings, but the probability that this procedure will help, rather low.

Reader question:

Hello! The iPhone 5s has appeared lyuft the screen. Clicking on the right edge it sags, if it’s in SC “glue” or is necessary to replace the display?

Meet the experts of the service center ModMac:
The display frame has a special latch, whereby the display is attached to the body. If you have this latch is not erased, it will be possible to glue, otherwise, you will need to replace the display module.

Reader question:

Good day! Please tell me whether warranty faulty operation of the light sensor? Tried to calibrate, but with no result, light is changed arbitrarily. Resets all settings, also without result. Phone the iPhone 6s.

Meet the experts of the service center ModMac:
Hello! This case is a warranty. The fault most likely lies in the upper plume, which is a microphone, front camera and the ambient light sensor. Also before contacting a service center advise you to reflash the phone with the data loss. If the problem persists and your phone is still in warranty, you can contact the Authorized service center. They will help you in solving this problem.

Reader question:

Hello! I have iMac 27 inch, late 2009. The display began to appear bright vertical streaks, visible on grey (dark) background. Tell me it has something repaired or need to change the matrix/computer? Thanks in advance.

Meet the experts of the service center ModMac:
Good day! If vertical stripes on your computer have a width of 1 pixel, then the problem is in the matrix and need to be replaced. If wider, the problem with the chip. The cost of the replacement matrix is 28 000. A replacement chip will cost you 10,000 or 14,000 depending on which graphics card you have.

Reader question:

Hello! Was the replacement screen, as the phone fell and the screen crashed. The service said that it will supply the best analogue, which only exist, but after 4 months started to notice some light spots. Tell me how I can solve the problem? And anyway, is it possible to do something?

Meet the experts of the service center ModMac:
Hello! Unfortunately, this will only replace the display module, as in your matrix already has become defective, which can’t be repaired. Suggest you next time to not put analog and the original display. In this case, the probability that the matrix defects appear significantly lower.

Reader question:

Hello! The problem with Apple Pay on the iPhone, it consists in the fact that the cards quietly hammered in the wallet, but the terminal does not see the iPhone. By his own stupidity bought it second hand and have not tested the Apple Pay, just didn’t think about it. Then there were suspicions that the case replaced, so err on the fact that the NFC module could be damaged. “Treated” or whether it is the iPhone easier to sell or pass on Trade-in?

Meet the experts of the service center ModMac:
Hello, the problem may lie in three elements. First you need to check the NFC antenna, if it works, the problem may be the amplifier of the antenna. If she’s all right, the problem is already in NFC module. Most likely, the problem is in the antenna, as its very easy to damage when replacing the body.

Screen replacement for iPhone 8

Display replacement on the iPhone 8 is an easier procedure than replacing the back wall on iPhone X, which we showed you earlier, and for which it is necessary to disassemble virtually the entire smartphone.

In the beginning it is necessary to remove the old display. To do this, we Unscrew the bottom screws.

After that, hook the display on the edges and slightly raise it.

For the complete dismantling of the display will need to disconnect all the cables and connections. To do this, first remove the protective shields from the cables and then detach the screen and battery.

After the dismantling of the broken display need to remove the Home button, combined with the TouchID sensor.

Next install the native Home button on the new aftermarket display.

After this will only plug mounted display and battery back.

Check the operation of touch screen and 3D Touch.

Here is the main display for the iPhone.

Now set the original display. To install, perform the procedure again and for this it is necessary again to turn off the display and battery.

Remove the Home button and bring it to the original display.

Remove the broken display is the earpiece and front camera, warming the plume and protective screen as it is glued to the trail.

Installed everything on the new display in reverse order.

Before installing the new display you want to delete from the iPhone the old sizing, which is protected from moisture, and installed a new one.

Plug all ribbon cables of the display and the battery, and install protective screens on trains.

Now you can see the look of the original display.

After this will only install the display and tighten the bottom screws.

In the end

As you can see from the results of our experiment, Chinese display primarily differs from the original in that it has a different color. It is more dull and unnatural. The difference can be seen in tactile sensations. This is particularly evident when triggered, a 3d touch when the animation becomes sharper.

We strongly recommend that you carry out this procedure himself, as without the proper skills it can cause damage to the device. Better contact the service center, especially if the smartphone is out of warranty.

Read more about repair Apple technology in ModMac

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