Video – Samsung anticipation your phones Galaxy S9

Are you of those waiting for the new phones Samsung? Today will be with us an element of suspense to an additional you might care to share, three new videos from Samsung we’ll give her to you today !

فيديو - سامسونج تشوقكم لهواتف جالاكسي S9

Video – Samsung anticipation your phones Galaxy S9

In previous reports, we informed you that Samsung will focus on her phone, next Samsung Galaxy S9 add the vast improvements in the camera and make it more capable of providing images of high resolution and high quality, with the improvement of the previous mistakes, especially since rival smartphones go from being fast, to any phone the best in terms of the camera.

Samsung to confirm this, posted three video clips, all revolving around a single axis, namely the camera, but each clip hints at something different, the first glimpse of the Samsung to the ability of camera phone, Galaxy S9 on the video recording, slow-motion, this is the article:

While the second alludes to the capacity of the phone’s camera to work at night or low light conditions, which is what you see in the article:

The second article supports the previous leaks which confirmed that Samsung will provide the emoticons that are trying to the meal, i.e., by the movement of the face you can design expressive facial your, this, like the one in the iPhone X, this is the article:

These hints and thrill of Samsung confirms previous leaks as we informed you, and now we only wait for the official announcement on February 25, so be on the stove !

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