Vice president of the company Oppo review us prototype model of smart phone is folding like Huawei Mate X


It seems that smart phones folding will be the blockbuster the latest in smartphone market this year. Last week, the company Samsung detects her smart phone rollaway Galaxy Fold, and yesterday the company Huawei in turn detects her smart phone rollaway Huawei Mate X, while the TCL detects a set of prototypes of its smart phones folding, and now the company decided Oppo turn to review us her smart phone rollaway.

Publication the vice president of the company Oppo, Mr. Brian Shen a group of photos of a prototype model of the telephone company folding in his account official on the social network of Chinese Weibo. That said, This is just preliminary and that the technology used does not bring a considerable improvement to the user experience, so you don’t have company Oppo plans to launch this phone at the moment.

When you look at the phone, it will be impossible for you to escape from the fact that it looks just like the phone rollaway Huawei Mate X, a subsidiary of Huawei, the company in this device accept is other to fold toward the outside, leading to the creation of two separate screens. There is also a handle on the side where we see the company logo and the camera installed in vertical position.

Despite the lack of any specification as we are dealing here with a prototype, we can see the two cameras different top-flash dual LED. In the case if these are not fake cameras, we look to the main camera accompanied by a camera-see information depth.

When we look at the details, we see three buttons at least and it seems that the sensor of the fingerprint to the bottom of the control buttons accidentally. It can also be open to run the second screen, as is the case with power button dual phone Vivo NEX Dual Display.

In his publication on the social network of Chinese Weibo, asked Mr. Brian Shen ” vs. how much you want to get this machine“, we ask you the same thing. Are you going to buy this phone if it got to the stage production? Let us know into the comments below.


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