Vice president of the company BOE says that the phones are collapsible low-cost will be by the year 2021

Huawei Mate X -

Smart phones are collapsible like the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X stylish, but there are a few people who will be able to afford the cost of these two phones, it is estimated that the sale of the Galaxy Fold estimated at $ 2,000 while that is selling the phone for Huawei Mate X by about 2600 USD. Of course, usually the first generation of devices, high cost, and this is what will be imposed on most consumers stick with traditional smart phones at the moment.

The longer the BOE one of the biggest manufacturers companies in the world with the main buy Huawei companies folding. Sooner or later you will hear the prices of tea and the arrival of smart phones collapsible low-cost, this already was confirmed by the executive vice president of BOE, Mr. Zhang Yu in a recent interview. According to this guy, it was explained that within two years, will be the sale of smart phones and folding at relatively low prices so that they can be up to$ 1500. We assume that this figure is designed for Huawei which are used to screen the BOE, but we can expect cheaper prices than competitors.

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