Vice American Match company Google to disclose the nature of its work in China to the public

نائب أمريكي يطالب شركة قوقل بالكشف عن طبيعة عملها في الصين للعوام

You know companies have big technology is under vicious attack from the administration of US President Donald Trump since I think his helm, where he criticized Google and Facebook and Amazon and Apple are quasi-periodically driven many including violation of the policies of non-occupation or even the accusations of policy the company’s direction personally block you on thesearch engine Google and the search results relating to his name, to the other criticisms related to the economic crisis between the United States and China and their impact on the Giants of American technology andits directives to them to promote.

In the same context, which is subject to The these companies are strictly controlled due to its role in maintaining national security and not as you can see, the state, the Deputy Senate Republican Josh Howell’s letter to the director of Google executive Sundar Pichai, demanding him to disclose the actual role and mechanism of action of his company in China revealed it to the public.

Where a message came Josh, this is in the wake of a series of encounters between Bishkek, officials in the Ministry of Defense to clarify some points about the company’s business in China provided by the Ministry of Defence’s observations about some of the young people in its work there, which was followed by a comment from Chief of Staff Joseph Dunford say that “Google serves the Chinese army in an indirect way”, this remark is the basis for guiding Howell’s message to his force.

In Howells said, following up on the report of the meetings with Google officials to the role of the police may have to develop ways and mechanisms of artificial intelligence that may be utilized by the Chinese army to penetrate the privacy and data of America; to provide systems and contrary to the ethics followed.

It is worth mentioning that Google has faced a wave of criticism and anger following the Chinese search engine, Dragonfly, which was supposed to work under the full control of the Chinese government, but the pressures that led to the cancellation of work it, to it is now looking for a way to enter the Chinese market once again increase its revenue, financial definitely.

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