Viber, and Telegram, can be blocked in Russia

Messenger Viber can wait for a lock on the territory of Russia on the same grounds that Telegram. This follows from the statements of chief operating officer of the company Viber Media S. a.r.I. Michael Shmilov RBC. According to him, the leadership of the service at all desire will not be able to provide the authorities with the keys to decrypt the messages because of the lack of technical capabilities.

Despite the fact that the company is really missing encryption key, Viber believe that cooperation with the authorities will benefit both sides. “To track down spammers, to detain criminals who use such our platform for illegal activity, etc. to Work with [authorities] for us necessarily,” says Smilow.

At the same time to give the intelligence agencies what does not exist, is impossible, said a top Manager. In this case we are talking about the encryption keys stored exclusively on the client devices Viber and invisible for the management of the service. In theory, says Smilow, you can ask for the keys from the users themselves, but this prospect is hardly satisfied with law enforcement officers.

Earlier this month, Roskomnadzor ordered the Telegram Messenger LLP, the company-developer of the eponymous messenger, FSB to provide the keys to decrypt user messages. A waiver of the requirements in the term established by law will lead to blocking services on the territory of Russia. The persistence of the authorities due to the fact that only 10% of messages are encrypted according to the method of end-to-end.

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