Version Titanium of phone RED Hydrogen One became available for purchase finally

RED Hydrogen One

The first experiment was to buy a RED leading in the industry of cameras professionalism in the smartphone market is noisy at best. Phone her first and only Red Hydrogen One has been delayed in many occasions which spoiled the marketing of initial company which was designed in the foundation for Aura information about the phone as a phone revolution, but this could not be achieved in the end. The duty of the holographic screen of the phone some problems, while the abolition of the group of units that were supposed to arrive in 2018.

Despite all of this the time that it took the company RED, they don’t launch version made of titanium of phone RED Hydrogen One, at least until now. Those who have asked in advance this version of the phone two years ago will receive at the end of the day on the phones RED Hydrogen One of their own.

In the last year, I got users who requested fabric made of titanium on the version made of aluminum instead, but the promise of their companies in the RED by giving them a version made of titanium free when it arrives. So you will get those early adopters on the new version are made of titanium free.

While the aluminum version of the phone RED Hydrogen One with 128GB of internal memory, the proportion of titanium of this phone comes with 256GB of internal memory and 1595 USD with the knowledge that you can buy exclusively on the website of the RED the official.

For tickets, phone the RED Hydrogen One featuring a three-dimensional display size of 5.7-inch and accurately QuadHD display, and a processor eight-core class Snapdragon 835, and the random size of 6GB, the internal memory size of 256GB, dual front camera accurately 8 megapixels for each master, camera wallpaper double accurately 12 megapixels for each master, as well as a battery with a capacity of 4500mAh can be shipped through a port USB Type-C. In addition, this phone also comes preloaded with Android 8.1 Oreo features a sensor fingerprint in the side


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