Version of Android and Q the template includes support for facial recognition technology configuring basic

At the level of increasing the efficiency of the system for the Android operating Google on embed recognition technology facial features for the next system “Android Q” to be a property inherent allows to provide the increase in the number of companies that used this property in its working; where I knew companies like Huawei share the OnePlus previously on the support of its phones this water by hard work in the modification of the mechanism of action of Android, to the day that Google will bring the technical as a core feature in her copy of the rule as reported by the site developers of XDA.

Where stated the site about his discovery for many of the shots and chains of software as well as codes in leaks to the open of Android Q Notes to work the Google on add the, at the time when the contrast clear of these people when the comparison between the basic components of the ratio and bay current and Q the approach of providing this feature and the committee to unlock the phone via facial recognition technology as a planted in the system itself as explained by the site.

It is noteworthy that or the iPhone X is the first smartphone that the with facial recognition “Face ID” decode closed the phone and do a number of other processes varying on company phones the Android for some time where it was a matter of to compare the style may suggest the preferred of the on hand security.

But availability in phones Android later make it less important with the support of Google Android version Q it will become a feature of other phones of various companies more to attract attention of the consumer of this property is given that is available to all manufacturers for phones being Android is open source.

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