Version Galaxy S10 high-end coming in with the specifications of a superhero !

We knew days ago that Samsung is developing a luxury version of case S10 which will be available in three versions to other consumers, today reported the analysts of GF Securities the specifications of the phone are available.

What we know from leaks Wall Street and SamMobile is that the Galaxy S10 luxury a screen will come 6.7 inch with 6 cameras (4 Background + 2 front) and back of the ceramic and the support network of the fifth generation.

The source of today, the expected arrival of the Galaxy S10, the luxurious with capacity of storage up to 1 terabyte 12 gigabytes of RAM; this with the potential to be the intent of the source access to 1 TB with external memory with a capacity of 512 gigabytes as Note 9.

Whatever the case, will be 12 gigabytes of address space very suitable to operate the machine in DeX mode to take advantage of the desktop experience, especially with the support of the Linux system recently.

It is said that one of the rear cameras will follow the sensor time-of-flight, which makes them exposed to all the elements of the scene and the three dimensions and use the result in several applications.

It seems quite logical that the UP Galaxy S10 high-end as well as the rest of the copy phone with the latest processors Snapdragon and Exynos, with the knowledge that we’ll wait until the official declaration of the Commons that late next February to make quite certain of this.

Source: GSMArena

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