Version Firefox Lite 2.0 up the Google Play Store with a built-in news and more

Mozilla launches new version of browser it Firefox Lite and with a lot of new additions for Android users.

إصدار فايرفوكس لايت 2.0 يصل مستخدمي أندرويد على متجر جوجل بلاي ومعه خاصية الأخبار المدمجة وأكثرVersion Firefox Lite 2.0 up the Google Play Store with a built-in news and more

Firefox Lite Firefox Lite in English, is a web browser Fast, Lightweight, not about the size of 5 MB only, comes this browser more and more really cool, for example his support for Night Mode, and support for the rapid development of, tools to block ads and smartphone, and much more.

From his side, this is the browser formerly known as Firefox Rocket, one of the leading browsers that focus on the speed of the design to align with its focus on privacy, and is ready to encases “Chromium”, which makes it very fast and under what circumstances, would got browser today on a new update raising the number released to Firefox Lite 2.0, and of course there is new.

Where comes this version with some fun features and, where in the main page of the browser, you’ll be able to access a number of games, in addition to the news page very brief, on that page is loaded the news quickly as well as play games instantly inside the browser, as there is a search bar dedicated to compare the prices of the products you find on the main page, which may be particularly useful for many users.

Finally, the Firefox browser attenuator is available for download for Android users in Asia, but the rest of the users can get it via download file the APK from here.

Download update Firefox Lite on Android.

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