Version Firefox 65 demo on Android finally supports image WebP

إصدار فايرفوكس 65 التجريبي على أندرويد يدعم أخيرًا صور WebP

These days the biggest competitors to the Chrome browser from Google is the browser Mozilla Firefox, which is now on the verge of getting a push forward, as was the launch of the beta version of Firefox 65 on the Android platform, and included free these women feature as long as the long-awaited support for WebP.

And anyone who doesn’t know a photo WebP is an image format developed by Google, which is essentially based on the video codec VP8 is used by the WebM which in turn support the large pressure harmful gas, which makes this format suitable for each of the common formats like JPEG and PNG.

On the other hand, this coordination exists on Chrome since 2011, the advent of on Firefox the good that never comes, finally, as we have the update available in the beta channel you can download it here, or upload it with the APK from here.

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