Verizon is preparing to launch a new service to broadcast games

Use Verizon in the coming period to broadcast service of the new games on the platform landed, where the company started already in the experience of the new service in the United States.


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The latest leaks to start the experience of a new service from Verizon aims to broadcast the games on the devices landed, where they experience the new service now in the United States on the NVIDIA Shield TV.

I chose Verizon is already a group of players to experience the new streaming service, where referred to that company starts to experience 135 game now on the service.

Also chose Verizon that the experience of testing the first broadcast service on the devices and NVIDIA Shield, to come to the broadcast service games also to devices landed at the launch of the service officially.

As explained by the report that is scheduled to get team players who are being the tests on the service now gifts worth $ 150 from Amazon at the end of the pilot program, also offered them Devices NVIDIA Shield is free, controllers in the Xbox when you register to test the service to broadcast the games.

Recall that Verizon Gaming support users currently to in games on your NVIDIA Shield over your controllers with the Xbox, where the application of Verizon Gaming is already installed on the devices, the app also comes a selection of games including the game Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption 2, and the god of War, situated in the center of the V, along with the game Destiny 2.


I know of

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