Verizon confirms the Galaxy Note 10 comes issue a 5G later this year

Revealed Hans Vestberg, CEO of Verizon in his recent statements on a range of premium smartphones that support networks of the fifth generation comes from the Galaxy Note 10 associated with Samsung.

Verizon confirms Galaxy Note 10-5G variant

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More leaks about the version of the Korean giant’s perspective the Galaxy Note 10, where the assured Verizon that the Samsung will have its version of 5G of Galaxy Note 10.

Has been referred to a previous report indicated that Samsung will have 4 models of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 this year, which supports two models of 4G networks while supporting other models of networks of the fifth generation, as the report also pointed out that these models come with different size in the screen too.

Recall that the fifth-generation networks have not achieved widespread in many regions of the world until now, however, phones 5G begun to spread already, where the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Verizon on May 16.


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