Valve continue to look for ways to make Apple agree to apply the Steam Link for the iOS

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When the company announced the Valve from the application of the Steam Link, it looked very promising. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy computer games on his smart phone, right? Unfortunately, the process of launching this app on iOS didn’t go as we had hoped the company Valve, due to the refusal of Apple to achieve because of the lack of commitment to the rules of the App Store, despite the lack of specific details.

However, it seems that the company Valve is looking for ways to make sure the application version Steam Link on the iOS platform. According to Touch Arcade, it has been discovered that an update to Steam Link iOS beta has removed the ability to make purchases within the app. This means that players who want to buy games for them to do so through the application of Steam on the computers of their own.

As explained by the site Touch Arcade, one of the instructions for Apple TV involving the user interface of the application where it says : “the user interface that appear on the app do not resemble the appearance of iOS or the App Store, and provides an interface similar to the App Store, or include the possibility to design or select or purchase a program that is not owned or licensed by user “.

By removing the possibility of purchase within the app, for Apple to approve the app access to the iOS. However it would be strange to be this is the reason. This is due to the fact that Apple get a large percentage of the proceeds from in-app purchases, and given how popular Steam, it will certainly be a lot of money. In either case, we’ll wait and see if this will speed up the approval process on the app.



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