V9 ZTE Blade Vita — this should be an inexpensive smartphone

The electronics industry is interesting primarily for the fact that she always has something to surprise. It’s not just about the flagships that are conquer new and new peaks of performance, but also about the devices of the younger segments, constantly pull-up to the market leaders. Was no exception and smartphone the ZTE V9 Blade Vita.

Smartphones medium price segments to attract the attention of potential buyers in the first place. The second reason is that the manufacturers learned to make really high-quality device for very little money and significantly closed the gap on the flagships. No exception and our guest today.

Overall impression

The first thing you notice is how the smartphone feels in your hand. It is lightweight! Weighing only 135 grams did not immediately believe that the built-in battery capacity is 3200 mAh.

As the casing material was selected plastic with Soft Touch coating. From this it becomes even more “air”. In addition, due to a combination of light weight and of such a coating the back wall, the smartphone very securely in the hand without causing the slightest fear that he will fall out.

Body thickness is only 7.6 mm, and select from four colors. In addition to the standard black is dark blue, positive pink and mint green. Will be plenty to choose.

The screen has a 2.5 D fillet. Control buttons right, at the same time, Power protrudes out of the housing slightly less than the volume buttons, but has a texture.

Headphone Jack on top. Only the bottom two racks, speaker and microphone, and microUSB port for charging.

Another feature that distinguishes a smartphone from the rest, is the availability of NFC. Not so often you can find it in the smartphone, the basic version of which is 9990 rubles.

Another of the distinctive things you can mention a pleasant vibration that does not cause the feeling of being from now something will fall off. She might not be the most powerful, but is sufficient and works very nice.

Iron and performance

As the basis of the hardware of the smartphone selected 435 Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm. This OCTA-core processor with a frequency of 1400 MHz. If you like to play high-end games at maximum settings, the smartphone may not apply to you. It would be a mistake to think that he created just for logic games like TIC-TAC-toe. It has a performance level just above the middle of the market. The result in Antutu amounted to nearly 60,000 points.

A choice of versions with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal for 9990 rubles, as well as with 3GB of RAM and 32 GB internal for 10990 rubles. The operating system on all versions of Android will have 8.1

If, after the choice of memory will be done, but it will be enough, it can be expanded with memory cards. However, in this case, you will have to sacrifice the second SIM card.


The only complaint about the screen is that it changes brightness with viewing angle. But, first, the change is not strong, and secondly, he does not change color. This is good for screen low-cost smartphone.

Of course, I would like FullHD screen resolution but in this price range, these do not occur very often. Moreover, you can see pixels on the smartphone with the HD+ will still be not as easy if you don’t do it on purpose. Speaking in numbers, the screen resolution is 1440 by 720 pixels when the aspect ratio is 18/9. The screen size of 5.45 inches. Thanks to this relatively small diagonal turned out to make a compact and convenient enclosure.

Another of the facts we can add that the smartphone supports up to 5 touches in a multitouch and has a pixel density of 295 pixels per inch.


The main camera of the smartphone has two modules with resolution of 13 MP and 2 MP. For lighting in the dark provides single tone flash. As befits a modern camera it can shoot not only photos and videos but also portraits, and allow you to shoot in manual mode. To be honest, rarely use manual mode, but the portraits I do sometimes.

When I saw portraits cope camera V9 ZTE Blade Vita, I was pleasantly surprised. Do not think that the pictures are as flagships for 50-70 thousand rubles. They just make good for its level. Yes, sometimes the blur is wrong, but it works very, very well.

Detailed and also have no questions. When shooting objects against a bright sky, some difficulties still will be, but it’s not critical. Moreover, the auto HDR allows you a little to correct the situation and make the more balanced in brightness.

In addition, the camera has electronic image stabilization, the ability to save locations and is able to remove video in FullHD.

Frontalka with a resolution of 8 MP also allows you to shoot portraits, but makes it a little worse than the main. Just error it allows for a little more, which is logical, given just one module.

Improvement of pictures is possible on a large number of parameters. You can also change face shape, eye shape, and more. And if you want more interesting to do not a photo, a video, come to the aid of a delayed four times shooting or Time-Lapse.

Some more features

When I use a smartphone, there is no feeling of fear for the battery. The fact that it will last at least until the end of the day, no doubt. For it is to thank a small display and not the most voracious processor.

Forgot when creating mobile and about security. In addition to the standard finger scanning, there is unlock in the face. The function is not lightning fast, and on more expensive smartphones, it by far faster, but still not all that bad. Moreover, you can configure two how to unlock and use the fingerprint to access the contents of the phone, and the person scanning to leave, for example, for working with gloves or dirty hands.

For even greater security, the operating system allows not only to block the entire smartphone and individual app. In this case, if you give someone unlocked smartphone, the person will not be able to go where he is not to go.

To connect to smartphone accessories, including external media, supports OTG. To improve the quality of communication the smartphone is equipped with VoLTE support that allows you to bring voice to the conversation with significantly less distortion.

The results

In the end, in front of us was the smartphone, which not only looks and feels good in the hand, but also boasts many of the things that have no competitors. For example, NFC, or face unlock. In addition, the colors are not limited to a standard set of black, white and gold variants.

If you need an inexpensive smartphone, and you want to have NFC in it, you should at least see the Vita V9 ZTE Blade close, examining it for compliance with all the above. The smartphone is very good for the money, although, of course, the fault is always happening. You may be of a different opinion, and that’s fine. Someone always has something to like and something not. Everyone makes choices for himself.

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