V-Moda unveils M200 the first reference model for the professional at a price of $ 350

Announced V-Moda today announced the headset M200 which is designed to support the professional music and audio engineers in the studio, which supports users experience in listening to music and glide through this month at a price of $ 350.

Apply headset M200 new V-Moda support professional in the world of music, along with the users of Sony devices Walkman or DAC, the V-Moda as a first reference model for the studio, which is designed to produce a sound pure and Natural more support audio engineers perform the perfect in Acoustics, where are available today for pre-order.

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Supports headset M200 call across the wire and the engine is 50 mm, which comes to the standards set Roland HD, with neodymium magnets and audio files of the aluminum wire with copper supports the production of audio HD.

Also features the design of the headset’s ability to identify and pick up nuance in the sound, and to support the integration and Master Audio with the highest efficiency, as the V-Moda on ear cushions your headset comes in a larger size with a flat design more compared to the A series headphones the Crossfade, where it can be of the new design that provides more comfortable experience when you wear for long periods while recording in the studio for example.

As to the head gasket in the headset M200 features a design more flexible to support the user in the use of one side of the sky, and also features a pillow speaker design replaceable, as confirmed by V-Moda to design the sky for the world for the better.

And V-Moda a lot of customization options in the headset M200 through printing, laser engraving, with a set of aluminum plates to the side to customize the logo of the headset by a user or a distinctive design.

Headset M200 feature a design that supports folding in the portfolio supports the storage of the heavens with special cables, with microphones built-in speaker.


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