Using iCloud.. how to create a backup for “iPhone”

Is a way to backup iPhone of things that should be on every Apple users to know it, where we need to retain as much of the memories on our phones, yes those pictures that will not apply at all, and that messages that carry a lot of memories of relationships that you can’t delete it completely, and those audio recordings, photographic all we need to do backup copies of it so no adds in case you lose your phone or it gets damaged.

If you lose your data because of theft or broken your iPhone, there is still hope you might have iCloud backup of your files in the cloud, many people enable this feature on their iPhones when used for the first time, and immediately copy iCloud Backup completely.

How to backup iPhone

إنشاء نسخة احتياطية لـ «الآيفون»Create a backup for “iPhone”

You will see the option to set up your phone from a backup iCloud when you set up iPhone to a new or reset full screen apps and data, it’s part of the SetUp wizard on the iPhone, however you will need to log in to your Apple ID account using the same password that you may use to download games and apps from the App Store.

Also if your iPhone is your problem and you are considering re-adjust the whole don’t, check having a backup not on iCloud first, you can do this from the settings menu of the iPhone, go to Settings, click the top item possible on behalf of you, then iCloud and select the iCloud Backup Will page allow you to figure out when was the last backup of the iPhone and your latest update.

If you are such as you want to restore your photos which previously I did a backup, you can do it from the browser window on the laptop, go to then log in using ID Apple on your own, and you will see the interface similar to the iOS operating system allows you to navigate through the images and data stored on the cloud, in the sound section select the images that you want to download, then the download icon in the upper right, and within two minutes you will use those pictures back on your phone.

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