Users unhappy with the update to Android Pie for Galaxy S9

At the end of December last year, Samsung released the update of Android Pie for Galaxy S9 with a new interface OneUI. In addition to changes in design, the company added a number of useful features. For example, now the flagships will automatically react to the lifting of the device from the surface, activating the scanner face. No need to press any buttons. But among users and those who have decided to roll back the upgrade to Android Oreo. Let’s look at what they did not like.

As an example, we suggest to consider the review of our reader Sergey Travnikova updated your Galaxy S9+ to Android Pie with OneUI:

  • The regular Phone app runs longer than usual, don’t really like to see the white background when the application starts;
  • Slow scrolling and scrolling in Instagram/VK;
  • The device is noticeably longer check the device for viruses longer clears your RAM and in General with all tasks copes for longer than Oreo;
  • A horrible sound when the phone is connected to the charge;
  • Disgusting, in my opinion, the gestures generally uncomfortable to use them, a parody of the iPhone gestures on iOS X 12, but an uncomfortable;
  • In the morning the phone was charged to 100% and after half an hour was 89%, and I have nothing in the phone is not included, just lay;
  • Service devices can not automatically switch the active application to sleep — one button automatically;
  • Menu with applications is not much, but sometimes significantly visitsa.

As you can see, the problems faced by Sergey, serious, and puts up with them no one wants. In this connection it is interesting to know the opinion of readers regarding the new update Android Pie for Galaxy S9.

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