Users suspected McAfee personal acquaintance with the true Satoshi, but he is avoiding

An expert in the field of cyber security John McAfee has assured me that Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto. He also casually mentioned that only a few people know the true identity of Satoshi. We will remind, the last few weeks, Wright was involved in litigation with Bitcoinenthusiasts who just say he is not the Creator of Bitcoin.

A lawsuit against the user under the name Hodlonaut rallied cryptologist. Disassembly even led to extreme measures — the largest crypto currency exchange Binance will hold delisting of BSV token, the announcement of which significantly reduced the rate of coins.

McAfee is one of those who expressed their clear position against Craig Wright. In one of his tweets he wrote.

Enough! There are only a dozen cryptoendoliths who know the real Satoshi. And I assure you on all “hundred” that is not Craig Wright. And the situation with Craig is kind of absurd. Mr. Wright, you do not ashamed?

But how McAfee knows that Satoshi is familiar to only a few people? Could this indicate that he is among those lucky people who actually knows this person? Of course, such questions emerged from Twitter users. However, he decided not to answer.

Thank you. Look at things realistically. Satoshi so many years of being anonymous. Do you think that someone is just gonna tell you?

This week McAfee has also predicted Fiat economy soon collapse. In his opinion, Bitcoin is already by 2020 will cost a million dollars. And his words he argues by mathematical calculations. If more, then McAfee just calculated the percent increase of the price of Bitcoin since the founding to the present day and have pushed that figure for the remaining period up to the end of 2020.

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