Users of the beta version of Windows 10 will begin to receive notifications of Android on their devices

مستخدمو النسخة التجريبية من ويندوز 10 سيبدؤون تلقي اشعارات أندرويد على أجهزتهم

After the launch of its feature and application of Your Phone on Windows to support Android apps, the Microsoft Update Service and its users the demo version (the Windows Insider) to enable them to see the notifications of their apps on different computers, when coupled with the Windows system.

When coupling the phone with the computer, the notifications of the different applications will start to appear within the notifications the desktop, to allow the user to see messages and alerts, etc., Also can delete notifications and, of course, will be notifications on the phone too in this case. But the thing that didn’t make his Microsoft on the water even now is not to allow the user to respond to notifications and messages via computer.

For this feature, the user should have Android phone with operating system Nogi 7.0 and higher and with a RAM capacity of 1 GB at least.

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