Users of Telegram are now able to delete messages from the device to the recipient

Telegram Messenger

Allow you to the many popular chat apps delete messages, but this function is limited to a large extent on your own device. Even if you delete a message on your phone, they remain visible to your recipient. So the message that was sent years ago can come back to haunt you later in life, with proof that you have sent. The application Telegram is a messaging app popular focus on privacy, now users to delete messages from the devices of the recipients also.

Simply put, lets update Telegram last users to delete messages from the party to the conversation. Thus, the message is deleted from their device and the device of the person that the message was sent to him.

On this subject, stated the founder of the application Telegram, Mr. Pavel Durov, said : ” We have to admit : despite all the progress we have made on the level of encryption and Privacy, we have control over very few on our data“, he added : ” You can take out an old message I forgot it already out of context and use against you after decades. Can match your consistent messages that I sent to a friend in school until the year 2030 when you decide to run for mayor “.

This feature is not just limited to user messages. You can delete the messages the other person just from conversation, or any other person in a group conversation instead of your conversation. Not require the consent of the user who deleted his messages. Do not leave messages that have been removed no trace, not even the alternate text appears to have been deleted something. It is as if the message has not been sent in the first place. Chose Telegram certainly escalate things during the development of this feature.

There is some potential for abuse here, where users will be able to delete messages selectively. There is nothing to prevent them from manipulating the conversations and details context. However, I decided to Telegram Mr. In a completely different direction., it may not be followed by many of its competitors.


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