Users of Snapchat offers are a plea to return to the old design


Been criticism of the application of Snapchat in the past because it seems confusing for users, especially new users and users who do not use portable applications very much. This is because the application Snapchat doesn’t use the same design language used in applications other chat. However, the company announced Snap Inc it would freeze the design of the app, this is something that was supposed to be a good thing.

Unfortunately it seems that a large number of users Snapchat do not feel this sensation, he said they have since launched a petition on the website they call by its company Snap Inc back to the old design. The petition says : ” with the new update version to develop Snapchat, found many users that didn’t make the app easier to use, but it is actually making many of the features more difficult. “

It adds that ” many new features ” are without interest or inconsistent with the original aim to develop a Snapchat over the past years “. And yet the signing of this petition by more than 600 thousand people, aims community break the barrier of 1 million. Of course, it remains to be seen whether the company Snap Inc will listen to their customers and to the original design or not.

However, it should be noted that some users have found a way to allow them to return to the old design will be explained in later today through a separate article, despite the fact that this method only works on iOS devices and not Android. Some alternative methods also involve the use of a VPN, but it is clear that this method is not perfect.


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