Users of OnePlus was in danger due to a bug OxygenOS

Security issues and performance accompanied Android since its inception. Over time, the hardware of smartphones has become powerful enough to handle the OS interface without lag, but to cope with a large number of vulnerabilities to developers and failed. The situation was exacerbated by the abundance of shells on the basis of Android that manufacturers install on their smartphones, increasing the extent of fragmentation. Because of this, and then becomes aware of any vulnerability that threatens the safety of users or the stable operation of the device. This time the sword of Damocles hung over the devices of OnePlus.

Smartphones OnePlus one in danger. But help is on the way

Developer till Kottman found outthat the firmware OxygenOS, built on Android 9 Pie, has a system bug which allows installed applications to restart the phone without your knowledge. It’s not crashing, which crashes and emergency restart, but it is a real vulnerability, granting the third party the right to control the tool reboot. It affects all smartphones OnePlus, OxygenOS based on 9: 5 OnePlus/OnePlus 5T and 6/6T.

Why the smartphone rebooted

The vulnerability, referred to, is that the reboot starts immediately, not allowing the user any way to prevent this. In addition, therefore, the application can enter a smartphone in an endless reboot cycle without the ability to get out of it without loading the device in safe mode. It is not necessary that the reboot initiated by the developers. It is possible that the bug hiding in the code of the program itself will trigger the endless reboot. So the only way for the user to return the unit to work is to delete the app.

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According to Kottman, he told OnePlus about the existence of this vulnerability, and the developers have already fixed it in 10 OxygenOS based on Android 10. But, since this firmware version is only compatible until smartphones OnePlus seventh series, published this year, devices of the past two years will remain under threat until the update for the affected models will be released in 2020. Until then, their owners will have to carefully monitor what they are installing, and just in case, learn how to download smartphone in safe mode.

How to enable safe mode on the OnePlus

  • To start the smartphone OnePlus in safe mode, hold down the power button and select restart in the pop-up window;
  • Wait until on screen appears the logo of OnePlus and hold down the volume down – hold to load the desktop;
  • To exit safe mode, just reboot your smartphone again.

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Enter in safe mode may be your only salvation if the device went into endless reboot due to a bug in the app. The fact is that in this mode, the machine only loads ON the system, blocking all third-party software. This will allow you to remove this dangerous application that causes the reboot to return the smartphone to work. Another thing is that before to remove something, you have to figure out what program triggers an infinite loop of reboots, and this without any special knowledge will be difficult.

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